Constant Conditions Room

Our Constant Conditions Room is the heart of our Research and Development activities. The room is designed to maintain temperature and humidity conditions specified in AS1580.101.5....25 +/- 1 degree celcius and 50 +/- 5 % relative humidity.

Pendulum Skid Tester

Our Pendulum Skid Tester allows us measure degree of slip according to AS4586. Using this equipment we are able to make recommendations as to the type and loading of aggregates to achieve wet or dry slip ratings such as R9, R10 etc.

Rotary Abrader

The Rotary Abrader (sometimes referred to as a Taber Abrader) is designed to perform accelerated wear testing on specimens. With this equipment, we are able to fine tune formulations to achieve outstanding wear in high traffic areas.

Konig/Persoz Hardness Tester

The Konig/Persoz Hardness Tester measures the surface hardness of coatings. One of the advantages of using this type of equipment is that we can measure the increase in surface hardness with time thereby determining when our coating have reached full cure. Modifying the resin to hardener ratio in the formulation allows the cure time to be optimised for the specific coating application.

Impact Tester

Hard coatings are desirable, but they can also be too brittle for real life applications. Using our impact tester we can formulate our coatings to resist damage due to the impact of falling objects such as tools on maintenance shops or packaged goods in warehouses.

Colour Measurement

To ensure absolute reproducibility in colour we have invested in the latest technology and software from X Rite. Our VS450 non contact spectrometer coupled with the ColourMaster software even allows us to measure and correct batches before the coating has fully dried thus reducing turnaround time on colours from days to hours.

UV Cure Equipment

Central to our Research and Development efforts in the area of Field Applied UV Cured Coatings is a our laboratory curing line. This equipment has been designed to use the same lamp output as our production machines thereby enabling us to ensure that products developed in the laboratory are fit for real world applications.

Rheology Measurement

Our laboratory is equipped with a range of viscometers to measure the rheology our our coatings. Using this equipment we can produce coatings that exhibit excellent flow and levelling characteristics for floor coatings, or a fuller bodied coating for walls. By interfacing our Brookfield DV II viscometer to the laboratory computer, we can characterise the rheology profile and potlife characteristics of our coatings.

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