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What is Induction Time ?

With water based, two pack epoxy systems, the resin and hardener components exhibit varying degrees of compatibility with one another. Mixtures of the hardener and epoxy resin must be made compatible with one another before application of the coating system is undertaken to ensure that the cured coating system has the desired performance characteristics.

Induction time is therefore considered, as the time required to initiate the reaction between the epoxy resin and the hardener.

Induction Time

What does the term Pot Life mean ?

Once the hardener and resin components of a two part system are mixed together, a chemical reaction begins to occur between these components.  As this reation proceeds, there is an increase in the viscosity of the mixture.

There is a limited time period in which the coating must be applied before the viscosity of the mixture has increased so much that further application will result in an inferior coating being applied.  This time period is the POT LIFE of the coating.

What surface preparation is needed before I apply your coatings ?

There are two important points to consider with surface preparation. First, the substrate must be sound. Second, the coatings must be able to adhere to the substrate.

What maintenance do you recommend for your coatings ?

As with any type of floor or wall coating, the job doesn’t stop after the coating has been applied. Regular maintenance is required to keep the coating in prime condition.

Maintenance of Epoxy and Polyurethane Floor Coatings

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