EcoPoxy SF Resin – Solventfree Epoxy Resin

EcoPoxy SF Resin is a low viscosity blend of Bis A/Bis F and reactive diluents. The addition of Bis F to the system not only increases impact resistance, but virtually eliminates crystallization of the resin when stored at low temperatures.low cost general purpose two part solvent free epoxy resin. EcoPoxy SFR is used with EcoPoxy […]

EcoPoxy 2000 – Premium Epoxy Binder System

EcoPoxy 2000 is a two part solvent free epoxy resin system, for combining with selected fillers and aggregate to produce epoxy mortars of various consistencies. Ideal for bonding, sealing, priming, coating and grouting. May be used on vertical or horizontal applications as structural epoxy adhesive paste and filler. EcoPoxy 2000 Resin EcoPoxy 2000 Hardener EcoPoxy […]

EcoPoxy SF10 – Rapid Cure Speed Epoxy Coating System

EcoPoxy SF10 is a two part epoxy binder system designed to act as an adhesive and patching agent over cementitious substrates and as base and topcoat system over decorative floors. EcoPoxy SF10 is quick curing, enabling fast turnaround times. EcoPoxy 2210 Hardener EcoPoxy 2210 Resin

EcoPoxy SFCR – Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating System

EcoPoxy SFCR is a highly chemical resistant coating designed for the most demanding applications. Properly cured coatings are resistant to aggressive chemicals such as 98% Sulphuric Acid for extended periods of time. Laboratory exposures of EcoPoxy SFCR to 98% Sulphuric Acid have been in under evaluation since mid 2010 with only slight discolouration of the […]

EcoPoxy SFPG – Pourable Epoxy Grout

EcoPoxy® SFPG is a two part component, high performance, pre filled epoxy liquid, suitable for use as a pourable or trowellable grouting material and in bonding new to old concrete. EcoPoxy 3000 Hardener EcoPoxy 3000 Resin EcoPoxy 3000 TDS

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