EcoLux R Series – Automotive Refinish

EcoLux R are a series of one component, UVA LED cured automotive refinish products requiring only 90-120 seconds of curing, offering the customer a reduction in preparation and process time within the shop.  

EcoLux WB Primer – Waterborne UV Curable Primer

EcoLux WB Primer is a waterborne, uv curable, polyurethane dispersion designed to prime surfaces before the application of EcoLux topcoats. EcoLux WB Primer dries to a tack free finish in around 30 minutes. EcoLux clear topcoats can the be applied and the composite system cured in one pass, reducing labour time and speeding return to […]

EcoLux V Series – UV Curable Topcoats for Vinyl Composition Tile

EcoLux® V Series are single component waterborne UV curable coating designed for vinyl substrates. EcoLux® V Series products display excellent resistance to a range of common household and industrial chemicals including nail polish remover, alcohol, mineral turps, beetroot, coffee and machine oil. EcoLux® V Series products have been tested in accordance with AS4586:2013 Appendix A […]

EcoLux T Series – UV Curable Topcoats for Timber Floors

EcoLux TF is a range of 100% solids, UV curable coatings designed as topcoats for natural and synthetic timber floors. This system is based on aliphatic urethanes for enhanced yellowing resistance. Functionalised nanoparticles in the coatings provide exceptional scratch resistance to the point where floors coated with EcoLux TF topcoats can be cleaned with steel […]

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