UV Cured

UV Cured Coatings have until recently been restricted to fixed line manufacturing where precise control of coating weights, line speeds and cure conditions could be maintained. During the mid 2000’s, advances in equipment, lamp and raw material technologies allowed uv cure systems to move from fix line to field applied applications. Since 2010, Illawarra Coatings has been undertaking extensive Research and Development in Field Applied UV Cured Coatings. The result of this research is the introduction of the EcoLux range of products.

Each of the products in their respective series are available in a range of gloss levels and are referenced by the series letter followed by a two digit number indicating the approximate gloss level, eg EcoLux® T90 is a timber coating with a 60 degree gloss reading of approximately 90 (i.e full gloss). Other gloss levels available are X55 (semi gloss) and X30 (low sheen).

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